Finding Love In Real Time.

Online dating is fun….for some.

Online dating is a good way to meet men…for some

But, not for you.

You.  You want to meet a man the natural organic way.

You would love to have a man confidently cross the room, and strike up a conversation with you. He has you engaged, interested, and intrigued.  Your bantering exchange of good conversation and laughs warms your heart. On occasion he flirts with you, and you effortlessly flirt back.  You are actually getting a real sense of who this man is all about, and it feels good.



Only, this isn’t’ happening for you.

You are not alone.

 Over the past five years as a love and dating coach I have heard women like you, 

share their frustration, and disillusionment. 


Truthfully your experiences have left you wondering if it really is possible to meet a decent guy, or go on a date you actually enjoy. 


The number one questions I have received are:

How do I meet a man,

 Where do I go to meet a man, and

What do I have to do to meet a man?


And the number one concern?

I’m not sure I’d know how to flirt and date anymore.

Shoot I’ve been there,

really wanting to meet a guy the old school way, face to face.

But, I was wrapped up in anxiety and uncertainty fumbling my words and fidgety awkward moves.  


And even when I thought I had it together,

I wasn’t attracting sh*t.


What a wreck. 

I can look back and laugh at it now.


But, if you are experiencing this you know it is no laughing matter. 


I know how painful it can be,


and I know what a hit it can take on your confidence, your sense of self.

I wanted things to be different.  


So I made a decision that created a change with results that were absolutely mind blowing.

I was finally meeting good, desirable, date able, relationship worthy men...offline!


I was meeting them where ever I went,

pumping gas, crossing the road, shopping, eating out with friends ( let me tell you my friends really wanted to know what was going on) 

Men were pursuing me.  Send me flowers, love songs, go out on thought out fun dates, treat me like I was gold.

that wasn't all, I was also finally feeling more confident, alive,

This all continued right up until a warm sunny day while sitting on a park bench I was approached by my love.  

That was three years ago.

My friends feverishly wanted to know.  And I would tell them.  Only I found telling them wasn't enough.  Their results were hit and miss. 

it was at that time I sat and thought about what I was doing differently and how  I could share what I successfully accomplished with other women.


I had to create tools and a path to show women.

 I knew if I had a way to support women, like yourself who are struggling with love and dating and wanting to meet good men in real time.

Women who are growing weary and no longer wish to

feel like losers in the game of love,

no longer feel unattractive, unseen, unworthy, and unwanted. 

then I had to be driven to master the knowledge and strategize a "know-how-to" so that a magical mind-blowing, masterful experience arose.


And it did.




A one- of- a kind live event that gives exploring your badass sexxy, pleasure playing, fun loving, selves.


An electrifying experience of energy infused participation, where you will 

learn flirting and seduction secrets, love magnetizing skills, and discover the

top secret dating ingredient that will  elevate your dating experience to new heights.

Forget the fluff.


You are going to get some hard core, relateable, highly effective,

no one talks about information, 

that is seriously going to get you into your feminine essence,

turn up your irresistibality factor,

and crack the code of dating and relationships

that are going nowhere

to drawing in high quality, date worthy men wherever you go.

I want for you..

to walk into a room and have eyes on you.

 (not because you knocked out the server),


but because you have that "IT" factor. 

You know what I’m talking about, you’ve seen it before,

and may have even wished, “man I wish I had it going on like that.”


I’m going to show you. 


I’m going to show you what you’ve got.


Join us in this provocative intensive designed

to connect you to the very source of your own attractive power


truly learn how to meet men you want to meet in real time.


This workshop is for the highly motivated woman really ready to and open to personal reflection and pumped at the prospect of truly understanding the incredible, magnificence of connecting and living out the power of being, giving and receiving love.  

An uplifting playground created to unlock the vibrant feminine energy of being a woman. 

Because, if you are struggling with dating and attracting men.  It’s not because something is wrong with you…it’s because one of these elements are missing! 

If you are tired of being the woman who knows she SHOULD have a good man, but can’t figure out why she just cannot meet one.

Then FLIRT will make that clear to you, and show you how to call in better men in real time.

Imagine for a minute how ridiculously wonderful it will feel to:


Strut with confidence, grace and flair, and connect with the part of you that feels exquisitely feminine.


Understand what a high quality man finds highly attractive in a woman, and exude that quality within yourself.

Be open and ready to receive love in a mature healthy way that builds a foundation for lasting meaningful relationships.


Be genuinely, giddy excited about dating, because you now know the top secret dating ingredient.


And ultimately...

 know how to meet great men in real time in the real world.

Oh yeah, Offline baby!!

It’s time to trade in dating burn out, scrolling fatigue, overwhelming uncertainty, and mundane flat living with increased confidence & vibrancy so that you find yourself being noticed like never before, and having great dates with thoughtful, attractive, amazing men.  


It's going to startle you at first because things will begin to happen fairly quickly not long after your FLIRT experience.  


The thing is, this isn't a miracle, this is your new reality.


April 08th 2017

10am - 4pm

Calgary, Alberta


Early Bird Special ( March 08th 2017) $47.00


After March 08th, 2017 $97.00


Your Host:

Love Coach

   Dee xo

Denise (Dee) is a sociologist, social worker certified dating and relationship coach, a certified life coach, and a certified matchmaker. Extensive Formal training that brought her to become an expert love coach who works with frustrated singles struggling to find love.  


But when it gets right down to it.  


This is her take:

  I freakin love my work!   One of the most rewarding aspect is to share my gift to  guide women like you,

to get out of your head, and breakdown your "it's because" and "if only" stories.


Clearing the path for you to step into your natural essence of living powerfully stepping into your own way of living a sexxy soulful, loving, attractive,magnetic way of being. giving, and receiving love.  


And ladies once this, your soulove connection happens, I'm telling you,


You WILL ATTRACT better.



 After all, I believe you should never settle for less.


Sounds good?  


Then, let's get to her!






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And Guest Flirt Host:

Seduction Dancer Tiffany Rose


Guiding you to participate in sensual dance to really get you connected to the power and beauty of being a woman. where you will explore the arts of seduction moves  while you get your Dancing Diva on and embrace your love of being seen as the alluringly sexy woman you are!

Align you being with pleasure joy and celebration of your divinely feminine body.


Don't feel intimidated!  This is where the fun begins! Who knows what might happen as your Inner Diva gets shaken, stirred and soothed with new possibilities?


Unlimited Laughter, Fun, New Friendships &  Life-Transforming Tools.

Champagne, Chocolate & Prizes


Denise is very gifted and great at what she does. Her approach is gentle loving kindness and in exchange it allows you to be the same towards yourself. She has a way of asking you the right questions that makes you turn inward and face those parts of you that you have been afraid or neglected to see. It really is the only way you can freely open up to receiving and accepting love from another person. Thank you Denise!!


 D. Andre, Calgary.

 I can honestly say that Denise is not only a phenomenal person, she is a wonderful coach.  Her professional background, combined with the fact that she has "been there" adds to her credibility because she can relate to me and speak to me on my level. She weaves important learnings from her own life experience in her coaching which makes her relatable.  And most importantly, she is genuine, authentic and truly cares about others. She empowers me to be the best I can be. She carries an air of "I am fabulous" and empowers other women to embrace their feminine power and their own fabulousness.


J. Dillon, Calgary.

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