Okay, for years now you have had the ‘another’ identity. There’s a new woman on the scene and could do with a little ummph. Those days of being stuck in survivor mode, and rebuilding your life has taken a little toll on the woman you used to be…


You know the one - you knew how to have fun, others loved being around you - somewhere she got lost in the day to day mundane of getting by, holding your head high, and doing your best to keep it together. 


And today, you are wanting more. Looking for a way to make some changes in your life to bring more joy, vibrancy, and love back into your life. Our VIP program will do just that. It is geared for the woman who is ready for change...TO-day. 


Get ready to stretch yourself to do the inner and outer work that explores your deliciousness within and discover the special ingredient you have to make dating fun and fabulous.

This immersion has been lovingly designed for the highly motivated woman. Open to personal reflection and pumped at the prospect of bringing back your rocking awesome self.


This is not for the faint at heart - it requires some gumption, and that fed-up ready-to-make-a real-change kinda thinking. Work through some tough stuff. Play outside of your comfort zone…and plunge right in.


Receive a Personal Assessment. Discover what may be holding you back. What are your thoughts about dating and about actually having the love in your life you desire. How are you showing up? What kind of messages are you sending to men, about men? What kind of messages are you sending about yourself?

A consultation with my love makeover team of wardrobe stylist, make-up artist & hairstylist who will work with us to create a more polished style that truly fits who you are and what you want to say and present to the world. Vava voom.


We will share quality time over your favorite bevie. I will coach you through your concerns about dating - together we will build a grooveback toolbox of delicious dating tips and flirting goodies, & it's not stopping there - didn’t think I’d let you off that easy…did you?


We will create a mock date to play out your test run, get some feedback & firsthand impression of you. Don’t let this scare you as by the time we get here you will be one badass, rockin version of your true confident sexy self. 


Pre and post consulting sessions to complete and embrace your Grooveback-Ahlicious self!


{Steppin' Into Love}

Get Grooveback~ahlicious again! This is your Grooveback Immersion.

©2016 Denise Christopher, Soulove {Calgary, Alberta} Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Expert

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