The welcoming people of Costa Rica, and their mellow pura vida lifestyle are known to be the happiest people on the planet. Nowhere else can you...

Gaze upon a volcano while soaking in a hot spring one day...

Hike deep into a rain forest the next, and end your hike zip lining in the heavens of a lush landscape...

Mindfully stroll down miles of pristine beaches catching your sun kisses and warm sea breeze embraces.

All of this is why in March 2017 I am hosting the Get Your Groove Back Tour and taking a group of single women to Costa Rica ~ I invite you to an experience that is most certain going to be absolutely AMAZING!!!

Explore fabulous national parks with plentiful opportunities for exotic wildlife viewing, which has made this one of the  most enchanting, breathtaking and  life changing destinations around.

Here you are, lounging on a deliciously comfortable beach chaise. You are drinking a tall cool mojito made with freshly picked lime and crushed mint.


The sun is softly setting behind dancing palm trees, the warm breeze carries with it the fragrant smell of jasmine. You are completely relaxed, basking in the awe and excitement of how you pushed past "I can't do this" and instead jumped into an exhilarating moment of truly experiencing you.  


You have given yourself the chance to soar through the lush tropical landscape, maneuvered over crested water, you feel giddy as you discover you feel all the tension that you’ve been carrying for years leave your body. Your guarded self eases, and you breathe. Your heart is open, the sea air clears your mind and soothes your soul, and finally, the answers you seek are revealing themselves.

You excitedly wait for the evening chat with the new amazing women you are travelling with, the one's you now call friends to share (how you all embraced the adventure of the day) your accomplishment of diving into the adventure of the day.


You know there will be much laughter, and maybe even some joyful tears. You can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, not only on this tour, but also once you return home. Cause you are truly feeling like that lively woman you've known yourself to be.  


Now that you think about it, you haven't felt this way, in well... too long.


Your guarded self eases, and you breathe.  Your heart is open, the sea air clears your mind and soothes your soul,  and finally the answers you seek are revealing themselves. You are finally feeling on your way to Getting Your Groove Back.

Are You Ready to Claim the Life Your Heart is Yearning for?



The perfect playground to play outside of your comfort zone,

and experience pura vida. 

(translation: pure life)


& Release Your Magic


COMING 2017!

{The Program, The Itinerary & Other Details!}

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