GET YOUR LOVE ON! {The Loving You...}

I was having one of those days, where everything I was trying to do was challenged. I decided to slow the day down, and treat myself to a signature coffee and decadent dessert. 


At the quaint coffee shop I found a corner where I could sit alone, unencumbered. As I began to take in my surroundings I had to wonder…“Did I just enter a realm of coupledom?” Seriously, every single table had a couple at it, even in the lineup for service - just more couples.  And not just couples, but engaged couples. They were talking and laughing with one another, an occasional touch or brush on the arm, middle of the lower back, watching each other lovingly in their own little world.  


I have to admit, this sight touched me - how lovely to be surrounded by all this expression of love. However, a part of me was reminded how magnificent it would be to have this in my life too. 


I walked up to the service desk, and asked if they were hosting a couples or workshop event. The attendant looked at me curiously and replied a slow questioning, no. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I said oh I was just wondering as the place is full of couples. She replied oh, I didn’t notice. I did. Of course, me being me, I had a private smile and said okay I hear you universe. I hear you telling me I can experience a loving connection, I just have to decide.


Are you ready to decide?


Get Your Love On. Your heart knows it's time to take the leap of love. 


No more holding back all the love, passion and spirit you have in your heart to give. 


My Get Your Love On (G.L.O) program is a 90 day program that prepares you to enter your new dating experience with finesse, confidence and a new-love for yourself.

Practice self-love so that you do not engage in unfulfilling, emotionally defeating, hot 'n cold relationships. No more being with the one who just showed up


Eliminate the confusion of today's dating etiquette. Learn what speaks to men and learn what you as a woman can do to have amazing, supportive, fun and inspiring connections


Explore dating opportunities online and face to face fully comfortable being you, and completely clear in what, and who you want in your love relationships


Unearth your dream love story and map it out to create all that you wish for... desire.

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