That was the song that I made my memories to, along with Endless Love and It’s Rainin' Men (bit of a dichotomy there, eh?).


So for a little bit about me and how I got here - I migrated from the UK to Canada, but it was a long journey of life and love lessons before I arrived to this place of working with amazing women in their journey to find love again. 


But before we get into that, let me tell you about my front row seat to the man’s mind…


I grew up with five brothers, five golden boys that were quarterbacks and the types that were gorgeous, athletic, outgoing - and everyone wanted to be them and to date them. And this attraction radar did not diminish as they reached adulthood. 


Because of this, I was able to witness how women would engage and what the men were saying and feeling behind closed doors, which gave me A LOT of insight, to say the least! 


There’s nothing quite like having a front row seat, especially when you wake up to the gifts and lessons that they have offered you, and I’m especially grateful since I get to now share these golden love nuggets with you! 


I’m a lover of love. I deeply believe in love and believe that with some work and understanding of how to create truly healthy relationships, we can all have a love that gives us a soft place to land and a platform to soar!


I have learned there is great strength in being vulnerable. Learning just that one lesson in itself has opened up so many doors for me - it’s helped me move forward from a 20 year relationship, and it supported me to overcome having to be strong and herd together, and finally, realizing that it’s ok to let it all go! Now isn’t that freeing! 


After waking up to the same person for twenty years, and then finding myself greeting the mornings alone, the days ahead seemed somewhat daunting.  For years, I lived moving around my world holding my breath, as if by doing so it helped me to keep it together. Until one day, I heard what I always tell my son, whenever he is frustrated, challenged, or concerned... "Just breathe". Just breathe, Denise.


It was from that moment I was able to let go and trust that everything was going to be alright, and could take the step, the step into me, and finding more joy, vibrancy and love.


I love the gumption and strength of women - how we are constantly able to pick ourselves up, start all over again, survive, receive, give and love. Now that’s balls! 


Throughout this journey, I have figured out and found something great - and that is, that I absolutely love LOVE! 


I’m absolutely and deeply passionate about sharing the series of strategies, the training that I have mastered to support women and their understanding about relationships, more about love and dating, and about creating a life that is full of joy and goes beyond flatlined and mundane days. 


I am here, and very committed, to you getting your groove back and showing you strategies to rocking your world. 


Girl, it is ALL about LOVE and it starts with you first!

Professional Bio


Certified Date Coach - Christine Hart - Hart Coaching Academy

Certified Matchmaker

Matchmaker Academy

Certified Life Coach - Certfied Coaches Federation

BSW - Bachelor, Social Work

BA - Bachelor, Arts & Sociology


I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain…sorry, couldn’t resist! And I apologize again because chances are, that song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The Love Coach (TLC) & Matchmaker

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