Discover the art of self-love and experience the power of learning how to nurture your true inner beauty


Create a stronger sense of self-acceptance, well being, forgiveness, and self-worth


Learn new ways of thinking to open your mind and heart for new opportunities for love


Get clear on your readiness to date again


You know, for a time, I never really thought too much about dating. I was too busy living day to day, minding my own business…then one day, this fine looking man smiled my way and said hello. I can laugh about my response now, but at the time it was so embarrassing. I tripped up, physically tripped! He had no choice but to help me up. Then in true wit and with a sassy line, he said that he would definitely like to have coffee with someone that was falling over him. I laughed, and took his card, and managed to say something like yeah, we should get together. I’ll call you.


I never did. Not so much because of the embarrassing moment, but more because my head got caught up in all of these thoughts around dating. Surprising to me, I was nervous, and had worked myself into such a tizzy it was easier not to take any action. After a time, I figured the idea of dating was something to be considered. What did I want, how was I to show up, Am I ready to date or am I going to remain a "date tripper"? 


Are you missing love in your life? Are you feeling it is time to accept it?


Are you playing with the idea of dating again?


It’s been a while, and the dating scene has changed. You’ve heard dating horror stories, and even wonder if it’s worth the effort. I understand the crazies of this part of your life and will be there to guide you as you prepare for love once again. I don’t want you to be a date tripper, a lover bewildered by love.


With Open to Love, you are going to have the opportunity to get completely clear about what, and who you want in a loving relationship.


It starts with loving you. Let's get down to some love work and get you ready, willing and open to allow a new love into your life, far unlike any other you have had in the past.


Come on, let’s set the foundation for your exploration of dating and love.

©2016 Denise Christopher, Soulove {Calgary, Alberta} Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Expert

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