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when they hear your story


others upon hearing your story



this is how


know ~ Nayyirah Waheed

The How

Hey Phenomenal Woman.


You're the One that has got it all together.

The career, the look, the get-her- done attitude. are feeling, that the YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL theory is a misleading bona fide myth.

Truthfully, You're feeling up against a wall, and just cannot figure out why a capable, beautiful, resourceful, accomplished woman like yourself has not been successful in doing what is supposed to be the most natural thing we as humans do, find a mate.  

You know you do not want just any guy.  As a matter of fact, you'd rather be single than be with someone for the sake of being with someone.  

You wonder if men are just afraid or intimidated by self-sufficient, independent, attractive women.

Whatever the story or explanations are that you tell yourself and tell those that ask - why are you single? Being truthful with yourself, you can't quite figure it out, and wish you could because you would honestly love nothing more than to have a partner to share your life with, to grow together, inspire one another, possibly start a family, build a home, explore adventures, laugh, cry and fight the world together. 


Don't worry, they say.  He's Coming...But where the hell is he?  And why can't I have what my heart desires, the real love I deserve. 

I hear you. 

As a love coach I have helped phenomenal women like yourself figure out their why, and become better natural versions of themselves to attract real love, and create lasting healthy relationships in their lives. 



Where you wonder if a public announcement was made about you & how fabulous you are, or a red alert siren was sounded because now you are attracting men like bees to honey.   

Your girlfriends are saying to you,


That's exactly what happens when you harness and nurture the key elements of my signature love coaching program. 

Cause that's how I roll.


 Before you continue to scroll to learn more.  Let me tell you something,.. my style of coaching is not for the feint at heart.  Of course I am a love coach, so I come from a place of love.  But I will tell you the things that no one else dares, not your friends, not your siblings, or mother.  I do this, because I want you to be truthful to uncover what is holding you back from having the life you so wish to create. I do this because I want you to

Imagine Going From A Man Drought to... It's Raining Men

You see, what I know through my own experiences and that of the women I have helped, is if you want that kinda love, real love, its takes some work.  


It starts with YOU


you knowing who you are,


you knowing what you want,


you uncovering what is stopping you from getting what you want,


and you knowing how you are in love, and who you can become in love.


It's about doing the love work of allowing yourself to be truly honest, and vulnerable with yourself to get YOUR answers.


To know your stories, and to let go of your past hurts that have left remnants of pain guiding your heart to build an armour of caution and resistance.


It's not easy, afterall you didn't get where you are in love overnight.


 It may not be easy, but it is worth it.


Every moment where you can shed old beliefs, redesign old love behavior patterns,  and rise as a vibrant loving confident woman where your eyes are open to see others in a whole new way, your ears keen to truly listen and feel what you are hearing, and to have your heart open to receive others as they truly open to love like this...  This sh*t is AHMAAAZING!  


And that my darling, is where the magic is, this is what will take you from wondering about your lovelife to you living love. 

Denise is very gifted and great at what she does. Her approach is gentle loving kindness and in exchange it allows you to be the same towards yourself. She has a way of asking you the right questions that makes you turn inward and face those parts of you that you have been afraid or neglected to see. It really is the only way you can freely open up to receiving and accepting love from another person. Thank you Denise!!


 D. A, Calgary.

 I can honestly say that Denise is not only a phenomenal person, she is a wonderful coach.  Her professional background, combined with the fact that she has "been there" adds to her credibility because she can relate to me and speak to me on my level. She weaves important learnings from her own life experience in her coaching which makes her relatable.  And most importantly, she is genuine, authentic and truly cares about others. She empowers me to be the best I can be. She carries an air of "I am fabulous" and empowers other women to embrace their feminine power and their own fabulousness.


J. Dillon, Calgary.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

I am YOUR tool YOUR magic wand.  You already know your answers, you already know what it is going to take of you.  You just need someone to help you own, someplace safe to openly admit to your deep fears and doubts without judgement.  someone safe to 

I want you to change your situation. DON'T let the situation change you.

©2016 Denise Christopher, Soulove {Calgary, Alberta} Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Expert

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