This is my love letter to me.

Denise, BabyGirl,

I want to thank you for being everything you are to me in my life.

You are always there when I need you, and I love the way you find the good in the bad, and your strong foundation of faith that sees us through.

You really help me to believe, no matter what, everything is going to be alright and everything is what it needs to be.

I love how you enjoy each moment for what it is, how you enjoy and appreciate the dining of great food, drink, and great company…you just soak yourself in all the small things in life’s glory.

I love being with you especially when you are laughing and being silly with your son, and listening to you when you take the time to teach him the importance of loving himself and respecting others. The connection the two of you share is an true honor to be a part.

I love you more and more as I watch you become more into yourself, I am so very proud of you for stretching beyond your safe walls that past experiences have lead you to build…even when your head tells you so many stories to keep to try and keep you there.

You are a beautiful soul Denise, your loving ways with everyone you meet warms my heart, and makes my spirit sing. You have shown me your strength time and time again when life sends its curves, losses, and disappointments you show me how to rise above them, move forward and shine.

I love the antics you play, like when you get in your car and decide to acknowledge everyone else driving on the road with a wave, or a smile just because you see us all as sharing this space together. Or when you’re shopping and hear a good song playing on the radio, and you just have to break out in a dance. You make me laugh.

I love you deeply, as you have carried me away from days of sadness to opening me up to allowing and receiving my God given gifts of being love, kindness, and warmth.

A love letter to me, Denise to acknowledge you to me, to shower me with the same love you so effortlessly give to others, times before yourself.

I want you to know how simply beautiful and amazing you are.

Souloving you girl, DC xo.

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