Happy Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day.

I've noticed over the years this day has joined the ranks with other holidays becoming increasingly commercialized. My son called Valentine's day a cash grab day! I was shocked, and of course sat him down to speak about the day and the importance of celebrating love. He rolled his eyes as he sometimes does when mom is talking her love stuff. But it got me to thinking...

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and as a single person you are about to be bombarded with advertising to get you to sign up for online dating sites, singles ebooks, programs, courses, and receive more winks, messages , which is all good, but what really gets me in is this time to celebrate love, some will dig into your desire and deepest fear of being alone to grab you in.

I am wanting you to be aware. I want you to sleep on any decision to purchase or get involved. I want for you for your decision to come from a clear place of wanting to take action to make a change and not because you have been lead to feel like a failure or loser in love.

I invite you to celebrate valentine's day for all that it is. A time to be, give, and receive love. No doubt it can be a difficult time when everyone around you is speaking about giving to your special someone.

But you do have your someone special. You have YOU.

And I would love for you to celebrate that love for you. This is a great time for you to "see " you, and do something extra special.Celebrate the love, bring love into your day full force.

Start with a bath you can go this link to set up a love bath.

Be sure to treat yourself that day as you would a soulmate lover. A special gift? Dinner? A show? Heck, a box of chocolates, whatever it is to treat yourself like a real Queen.

I also invite you to give love to those around you. I have created some samples of love posts that you can send to friends and family.

When you are being and giving love you will find there is no room for those self-defeating feelings, and messages to sneak up on you.

Mark 2017 Valentine's day different and don't fall for the pity desperate hooks. Instead have a BIG LOVE, soulove connecting day.

~With what is going on in our world today we can all do with more love.

Just a short note: If you truly are having a hard time. Remember there are people in your world that love you and care deeply about you. There are people you have never met that love you. If you are feeling a little blue, or off-centered, and if you just need someone to say "You Rock". "Everything is Going to Be Alright" You are loved.

Then please hit this link /email and say Denise I could really do with a love boost. Tell me what's up. I'll respond and I'll send you some love.


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