Unchain Your Heart

Valentine's day is soon approaching. I've said it before, I LOVE Valentine's Day...always have.

For me, it gives the same feeling of the Christmas spirit where we are full of love, kindness and open to giving. I know, it can be difficult when you are single and want love. I mean, you are constantly bombarded with images of couples, engagement rings, teddy bears, flowers and hearts, and you, you sit alone waning.

It can be tough. This year I want you to try something new. I invite you to... when you feel that sharp tug and feel lonely, depressed, or sad when seeing such images, or when you see another set of bouquets delivered to your office only to be walked right by you to the gushing giggling girl who feigns surprise and embarrassment ( when really you know she's thinking Ha! I'm not a loser, I got me some flowers, i got me some love). Just at that moment when you want to bust up those pretty little rose buds. Breathe. Breathe and take it all in.

Take in all the gestures of love being expressed all around you. Bathe yourself in it. Because being jealous, resentful, and sad about not having love in your life will only bring you more loneliness and sadness. If you choose to genuinely unchain your heart and open to receive and see all the love around you, then your experience will be just that...love.

Ya know, I've never understood the Anti-Valentine Event trend. Singles wanting to find love celebrating a day declared for love by engaging in an event that denounces love. I don't know. I figure if love is what you want to bring into your life, then OWN IT. And celebrate it with intent. When you see the hearts, the amorous couples, feel it, feel it in a loving joyous manner. Think of how great it is going to feel, (get excited) when you have your true love to enjoy this day with. When you see happy loving couples take it in, don't think about what you don't have, but rather look at it, and think how beautiful loving coupled humans can be, and that it exist, and if it is so, it also exist for you.

The mindset & intention you choose this valentine's day will go far beyond the self-love tips, how to survive valentine's day tips, Cosmo's top ten... and the likes that is spewed out this time of year that frankly only makes you feel damaged. Simply unchain your heart, and take the love in. Watch what happens when you do, heck let me know what happens.

And in all of this when you settle in this Valentine's Day Evening, express your love to the one you love the most...yourself. Let her know how amazing she is, Tell her why you love her so much. Dance with her, Sing to her. As you know, I'm a huge fan of writing love letters to yourself. Write her one, write her the hottest, feel the love, love letter she has ever received!


Love ON,


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