I’ll Show You How to Get Your Groove Back, Have a Ball Dating, and Feel More Powerful and Complete than You Ever Have Before…


{You Have a New Adventure

 Waiting For You!}

Congratulations!  I’m Loving that you are here, because clearly – you mean business!  Yes, it is a big deal.


Change takes courage. You being here, searching for a new way, is sending yourself a clear message that you are important to you and that you are ready to move forward. You Rock!!


I know, you’ve been wanting a change for a long time, and right now, you find yourself at a crossroads. You want to shift your life and head on a new path, one that has more fun, love and joy – because you know that you were meant for a life that is different from the one you’re living right now. I am here to support you girl!

Here's what we are going to do together:

Discover the #1 magnetic, attractive quality that makes dating fun, and how to cultivate I for yourself. Learn delicious “flirting tips” that make you feel confident, vibrant and playful!


Get a crystal clear picture of who and what you want in your life so that you

do not end up in unfulfilling, emotionally draining, hot ’n cold relationships…. No more being with the one who just showed up. 

Break through the confusion of dating in the world today. Get a greater understanding of the love dance between men and women. Learn what kind of dating “etiquette” keeps you from having those uncomfortable dates you’ve heard about.


Let go of your “why not’s” and step into your “oh yeah’s.” Learn how to let

your inner fire and woman goddess shine through so that you show up as your best self every-time, and feel bad-ass awesome always! 

Prepare for the LOVE.

Are you missing love in your life? Are you feeling it is time to accept it? Are you playing with the idea of dating again?


It’s been a while, and the dating scene has changed. You’ve heard dating horror stories, and even wonder if its worth the effort.

Oh Yeah, Get Your LOVE On.

So, your happily ever after relationship didn’t shape up to all that you thought you would, it's time for new beginnings.    


No more hibernating, hiding and holding back all the love, passion, spirit you have in your heart to give.

Get that Groove Back.


Okay, for years now you have had the  another identity. There’s a new woman on the scene and could do with a little ummph.


Those days of being stuck in survivor mode, and rebuilding your life has taken a little toll on the woman you used to be…


Ready for some of that?


Take a look below. These programs are designed just for you, and can be further customized to meet your personal needs. If you have any questions, or want to book me for a complimentary Discovery Session CLICK HERE! Yay! This is going to be SO good! I absolutely can't wait to meet you!

LOVE ON, Denise xoxo

{Write a LOVE Letter - First, to Yourself!}

A while ago, a You Tube Video of a little girl dancing in front of the mirror declaring all that she loves about herself and her world went viral...did you see it?  For me, it brought back memories of when I was little and did the very same thing ritually. I loved standing in front of the mirror and singing about all the wonderful things I loved, in particular what I loved about me. I guess I knew the practice and power of self-talk and self-love early, although of course I didn’t articulate it as such back then, I just knew it made me feel good. As we do in life we often let go of “childhood antics”, and grow up. In doing so. we also leave behind those small, simple, powerful things that feeds our souls.


Over the time of designing programs for you, I thought long about how I could bring that heart feel good experience alive for others. I sat and wrote a loveletter to myself, and once I finished writing, I knew this was the answer! 


A love letter to yourself has now become a key element to my consulting, I want you to feel, to know, to express that deep soul-love you have within.  I really look forward to you giving this gift to yourself, and  I really look forward to the power in sharing love words as I have done with you on my first blog.


From Love Letters to LOVE. You will be amazed at the feeling after you have completed your own LOVE letter to Yourself.

Write a LOVE Letter to Yourself: Guidance to Write One of the Most Important Letters of Your Life.

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-  Should I ask him out again?

-  Should I sleep with him?


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